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Do not pollute our Mother Nature

Ayurveda us the well-known ancient Science and art of life or "WISDOM OF LIFE" with universal relevance for welfare of one and all. The same great Vedic seers and sages that produced India's original system of Yoga and Meditation established Ayurveda as well. Ayurveda originated as part of Vedic Science, an integral spiritual science that provides a comprehensive understanding of the entire universe of matter, mind and consciousness. Vedic science include yoga, meditation, mantra and astrology and sets forth Ayurveda as its special branch for healing both body and mind. On this broad and profound back ground, Ayurveda includes herbal diets, bodywork, surgery, psychology and spirituality.

Herbs & Diet emerge as a strong force to give synergistic action on the body. Herbs provide subtle nutrition while foods provide more gross or substantial nourishment.

Our physical body is composed of food; we cannot expect its condition to change without changing our food habits or diet

Herbs are like subtle foods. They can be taken in small or large doses. Large doses (more than one ounce of pound of herbs per day) should usually not be taken without special study or professional guidance. In small doses herbs are like strong food supplements; and they can and should be taken on a regular basis by almost everyone. They are part of our necessary food articles and provide subtle nutrition. Right nutrition is not only taking our daily bread but also taking our daily "Herbs & Spices" 

Most of our Herbs are wild harvested in small quantity coming from Western Ghats (Mountains) a certified organic forest by us. Some special herbs and other herbs we cultivate in our organic farm. "Wild harvested herbs are much more beneficial than cultivated herbs"

To know more about Ayurveda and its effects pl. write to info@smbiosource.com 

Disclaimer: The above information is just and educative information. The company does not hold any responsibility for the health and its benefits. It is advised to consult Herbalist for more details and health parameters.


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